Online support groups for women

There are a number of online support groups for women. Mainly Facebook. If you are a Facebook member you can search for these easily. If you are unable to use Facebook or online support forums, you can book a Zoom video call, and email chat, or a phone call with ALS by using the Contact form. If you are a friend or relative of someone who has LS and cannot use the internet, you can email on their behalf.

Facebook pages for Lichen Sclerosus supported by ALSVH

Lichen Sclerosus Ireland and Northern Ireland

Lichen Sclerosus New York City and New York State

Lichen Sclerosus Canada

Sharing is Caring about Lichen Sclerosus

Lichen Sclerosus UK Natural Support Group

Meeting communities in the UK
The Bristol (UK) face to face meeting group has a new meeting on 15th February 2020.  Please follow the link for further information.

The London Vulval Pain Support Group also welcomes those diagnosed with lichen sclerosus. Face to face meetings in London.
Read more.

Meeting communities in the USA
Arranges face to face meetings. Sharing local information. Welcomes those who can travel to Cincinnati.

Try a Google search to find other online groups.

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